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Electric Scissor Lifts

AAH has an ever-expanding line of electric scissor lifts that offer customer’s availability, reliability,  performance and versatility boosting work site productivity.

Electric Scissor lifts are mainly used for indoor warehouse, roofing and maintenance applications.

Max height:12.19m   |   Max Weight:567kg   |   Max No. of people:2


Equipment Range


Online Quote

AAH ModelWorking Height (m)Lift Capacity (kg)More Info
GS 15326.6272
JLG 1930ES7.72230
GS 19327.8227
GS 20328.1363
GS 20468.1544
JLG 2030ES8.1360
Snorkel 32469.75318
JLG 2630ES9.75230
GS 26329.92227
GS 26469.92454
GS 2668 DC9.92567
JLG 2646ES9.92450
JLG 336910.06450
JLG 3246ES11.68320
GS 323211.75227
GS 324611.75318
GS 3268 DC11.75454
JLG 406912.19360
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