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Diesel Scissor Lifts

AAH has an ever-expanding line of electric scissor lifts that offer customer’s availability, reliability,  performance and versatility boosting work site productivity.

Diesel Scissor lifts are ideal for external external environments, rough terrains, warehouses, external roofing and maintenance

Max height:18.15m   |   Max Weight:1134kg   |   Max No. of people:4


Equipment Range


Online Quote

AAH ModelWorking Height (m)Lift Capacity (kg)More Info
GS 2669 RT9.7680
GS 2668 RT9.92567
SL 30SL11590
GS 3268 RT11.75454
GS 3369 RT11.75454
GS 3384 RT12.061134
GS 4069 RT14.19363
JLG M406914.19360
GS 4390 RT15.11680
JLG 4394RT15.11567
GS 5390 RT18.15680
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